Calypso's Island (NFT No. 7)
Calypso's Island (NFT No. 7)

After having posted RIP for all his men, he arrived on the island of Calypso all by himself

Calypso had predicted it in the tea leaves; a tall, dark and handsome guy with a beard will cross your path. So, when she laid eyes on Ulysses, she accosted him, fed him, washed him, put him up and generally “took good care” of him. Very good care of him.

They were having a great time, eating ambrosia and drinking nectar, but all good things must come to an end. Nostalgia started to poke at Ulysses; he’d become homesick.

“Calypso, we need to talk”, said Ulysses, and the daughter of Atlas fell to her knees; according to the tabloids of the time, she threatened to poison herself. Calypso wasn’t easy to reason with, being quite the spoilt brat. And so, she kept Ulysses on her island for seven more years and after numerous Netflix marathons, many sons were born. But one day, Athena told Zeus “enough, daddy; this man must return to Ithaca”. Thus, Zeus sent Hermes to take the news of his decision to Calypso.

She realized that it was time for her to play her last card by offering Ulysses immortality if he stayed with her. Ulysses thought “we only live once” and took off for Ithaca in a DYI raft, with only a bit of water, a few avocados and salmon sandwiches. Calypso drank her sorrows away, listening to Dido’s “Here With Me” at the highest volume