Argos (NFT No. 9)
Argos (NFT No. 9)

Don’t be scare; he only wants to smell you

Ulysses finally returned to Ithaca, and Athena appeared in front of him to persuade him to dress up as a beggar. The idea was not to go to a Halloween party, but to take back control of his palace and drive away the suitors.

Argos, his dog, strolled up, who was upset because his master had been away for so long. He growled at Ulysses, who freaked out for a second before realizing that Argos was kidding; it was just a prank that Athena and Argos had set up. Ulysses and Argos embraced and the dog said “don’t worry boss, I only want to smell you”.

Ulysses stood up, noticeably moved, wiped a tear from his eye and as he left, he heard the final words of this faithful friend. “You’ll be fine, just go talk to her”, Argos said in a tired voice.

Change of scene, the sea, a close-up on a ship, a coast, and even more close-up on Ulysses as he stepped on Ithaca. This should go well.