Last Updated: January 2024


Privacy Policy Overview

Welcome to Stickito Collectibles | Editions | Productions | Services Private Company, located at 36 Ionias Street, Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece, ZIP 17121, tel. +30 697 810 9361. You can reach us via email at As the responsible entity for processing your personal data, which may be collected through various means including direct provision by you, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy.
This document, referred to as our Privacy Policy, has been crafted to help you understand how we handle your personal data in relation to your interaction with our website, (hereafter referred to as the “Website”). Our commitment to your privacy is a critical aspect of our operations, and we encourage you to read this policy thoroughly to make an informed decision regarding the sharing of your personal data with Stickito.
We handle all personal data (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data” or simply “Data”) you provide or that we collect through the use of our services (hereinafter “Service” or “Services”), in full compliance with the law. The processing of your data is based on principles like transparency, fairness, and legality. We strive for data minimization, purpose limitation, accuracy, limited data storage, and maintain integrity and confidentiality in all our processes.
This Privacy Policy is structured in various sections (hereinafter referred to both collectively as “Sections” and individually as a “Section”), each addressing a different aspect of our data handling practices. This is to ensure you can easily navigate to the information most relevant to you. Please note that our Website or any related Application may link to external websites and/or smartphone applications, for which Stickito is not responsible regarding their privacy practices or content.
We have designed this Privacy Policy with clarity and simplicity in mind, adhering to the principle of transparency. Our goal is to make its contents easily understandable for all our users.

Types of Personal Data Processed

At Stickito, we manage a variety of personal information that falls into different categories. These categories include, but are not limited to:
• Names, surnames, contact details, and other personally identifiable information.

  • When setting up an account on our Website or Application, Stickito may request personal details such as your name, surname, contact information, date of birth, and your region or country of residence.
  • Additional types of data may be processed in certain circumstances, like text messages, designs, or registration details received during your participation in contests, promotional activities, interactive games, and various initiatives. For these situations, you can refer to the specific Privacy Policy available for each case.
  • We might also collect other personal data in the course of managing any relationship with Stickito or as determined by the information you decide to provide through our Website’s contact area.

Certain sections of our Website or Application may include free-text fields through which you can provide Stickito with information that may contain personal data. Through these free-text fields, you might choose (even unintentionally) to disclose certain categories of personal data. These could include data revealing political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, as well as genetic or biometric data uniquely identifying a person, and data concerning health, sexual life, or sexual orientation.
Stickito advises against disclosing any of such sensitive data unless it is absolutely necessary for the processing of your request. As the provision of this information is entirely optional, if you choose to provide it, Stickito will process such data only with your explicit consent and in accordance with applicable laws. Therefore, Stickito underscores the importance of your explicit consent for the processing of these specific categories of personal data, should you decide to share them.

Third-Party Personal Data

As mentioned previously, free-text fields on our Website or Application may enable you to create messages that include personal data of third parties. In cases where you decide to share such data, you will be considered as a self-appointed Data Controller and, therefore, must assume all related legal obligations and responsibilities. By doing so, you agree that Stickito shall not be held liable for any disputes, claims, or compensation demands arising from the processing of such data sent to Stickito in violation of personal data protection rules.
Since Stickito does not collect this information directly from the data subjects (but indirectly from you), you must ensure that such processing is based on the consent of the data subjects or another valid legal basis that legitimizes the processing of this information.

Electronic Payment Details

Concerning the payment data you transmit to us, Stickito processes only the data received from digital payment companies and credit card payment organizations, which are exclusively related to the payment status (accepted/rejected). All additional information related to bank accounts, prepaid cards, or credit cards are recorded by the company managing the respective service and are not authorized to use this data for any other purposes.

IP Address Coordinates

When you create a profile on our Website or through our Application, we collect the approximate coordinates (state, city) of your IP address associated only with your last connection. We maintain this information only to the extent absolutely necessary and proportionate to ensure the purpose of Security, exclusively for obtaining information necessary for the detection of irregularities, fraudulent activities, and/or misuse in the use and access to the Website and Application.

Browsing Data and Cookies (Applicable Only When Using the Website)

The computer system and software used for the operation of our Website, during their normal functioning, record certain personal data, the transmission of which is implied in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected by Stickito to be associated with identified data subjects, but their nature, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allows the identification of data subjects.
This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users connecting to the Website, URI addresses of the requested services, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the server’s response status (successful, error, etc.), and other parameters related to the user’s operating system and computer environment.
Information regarding the use of cookies is available in our company’s Cookie Policy, which we invite you to read by clicking on the following symbol at the bottom of the Website.

Connection via Social Networks

You can also access our Website and Application using your personal credentials from one of the social networks included in the registration section. In this case, the social network will automatically send your personal data to Stickito. You will only be asked to enter any necessary data for the completion of the registration, not provided by the social network. To know what data the social network will share with Stickito, you can refer to the Privacy Policy of the social network through which you gain access and to the data sharing options indicated.
Facebook provides a service known as “Page Insights,” which offers aggregated data that help understand how people interact with the aforementioned social network. You can consult the data controller addendum for Facebook Page Insights at, which indicates the distribution of responsibilities between Facebook Ireland and Stickito, as the manager of the Facebook Pages. You can also refer to Facebook’s data policy at

SDK and Tracking Technologies (Applicable When Using the Application)

The Software Development Kit (SDK) and similar tracking technologies are tools that record and/or read data on your mobile device. These technologies typically allow for the analysis of a mobile application’s usage, helping to prevent malfunctions and enhance user experience. Stickito, via its Application, employs SDKs and similar technologies provided by third parties. Depending on the situation, these third parties may act either as independent controllers in relation to Stickito (using the data collected for their own purposes and under their own terms) or as Data Processors (processing personal data on behalf of Stickito). Further information on how these third parties may use your data can be found in their privacy policies:
a) Google SignIn SDK (for social network login): This SDK allows you to create an account on the Application using your Google account credentials, eliminating the need to set up a new password for the Application. Once you create an account on the Application, you can access it with a single click if the same Google account is registered on your device. Privacy policy link:
b) Firebase SDK: Used for sending push notifications if you are using an Android device. Privacy policy link:
c) Facebook SDK for social network login: This SDK enables you to quickly and easily create an account on the Application using your existing Facebook login credentials, without the need for a specific password for the Application. Once you create an account on the Application, you can access it with a single click if the same Facebook account is registered on your device. Privacy policy link:
d) GoogleTagManager SDK: For tracking the usage statistics of the Application. Privacy policy link:
e) Sign in with Apple SDK (iOS only): For logging into the Application using your Apple ID. Instead of filling out forms, verifying email addresses, and choosing new passwords, users can use Sign in with Apple to create an account and start using the Application immediately. Privacy policy link:

Processing of Personal Data of Minors Aged 14-18 Years

Stickito recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of minors. Consequently, individuals under 18 years of age are not permitted to purchase products or services from our Website or Applications. Minors will not have access to sections exclusively available to registered users of our Applications.
Children under 14 years of age are prohibited from using the Contact area available on our Website and accessible through the Application. They are not permitted to send any Data to Stickito.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data is processed for the following purposes:
1. Service Provision and Contractual Obligations: Managing your transactions, such as responding to queries received through contact forms, enabling restricted access sections of the Website and Application, assisting in case of lost login and access codes, contract formation for product sales, managing and executing orders via E-Commerce platforms with Italy as the shipping origin, monitoring your purchase timeline, ensuring product delivery and order status tracking, and enabling participation in games, promotions, contests, and award-giving events.
2. Legal Compliance: Ensuring adherence to EU legislation or provisions issued by legally authorized authorities and bodies, as well as for tax and accounting compliance purposes.
3. Security: Acquiring necessary information for detecting irregularities, fraudulent activities, and/or abuses in the use of the Website and Application against Stickito or third parties.
4. Fraud Prevention Controls: Stickito conducts automatic checks to identify and block fraudulent actions, including purchases violating the Service’s contractual terms and security checks during purchase and payment phases. Post-order reception checks are also conducted, like automatic verification based on account data similarity, total number of orders and their amounts over a certain period, and verification of transactions made through international payment circuits. Payment providers offer Stickito a “Fraud Prevention Dashboard,” allowing the evaluation of transaction risk and blocking credit card use if the issuing country differs from the product shipping country. For every transaction, Stickito or, in the case of a blocked order, without further details, uses a specialized fraud prevention system to determine whether a particular transaction should be accepted, based on predefined risk rating rules. This system also allows for the creation of blacklists when user data has been used in past blocked orders. In case of an order failure, you always have the right to exercise your rights and follow the instructions described in Section “Data Subject’s Rights” of this Privacy Policy (“Fraud Prevention Checks”).
5. Soft Spam: Sending direct advertising and promotional messages via email related to similar products or services if you have used or purchased any Stickito Service or product through the Application.
6. Promotional Activities: Conducting informational activities about our products and/or services, as well as promotional, commercial, market research, and marketing actions. This may include customer satisfaction surveys, research, or polling, implemented through automated systems without operator intervention (e.g., email), official pages managed by Stickito on social networks, traditional communication methods (like postal service and telephone), and push notifications with marketing content if you are using the Application.
7. Profile Creation: Forming user groups by processing data provided by users themselves, using cookies (if accepted) on the Website, third-party profiling (if accepted), collecting and analyzing information regarding chosen preferences and actions in the Application (if used), and through Device data (e.g., AAID), to avoid sending generalized commercial and promotional messages indiscriminately to all users and to tailor Services provided via the Website or Application. This allows us to segment users into groups based on common characteristics like country of origin, language, gender, purchase history, etc. We may also send commercial messages through automated systems without operator intervention (e.g., email) and traditional communication methods, which are more accessible and less intrusive, thereby minimizing the reception of irrelevant messages (“Profile Creation”).

Provision, and Non-compliance Consequences

Stickito processes your personal data on different legal bases, depending on the processing purpose:
1. Service Provision and Contractual Commitments: The supply and processing of personal data for these purposes are essential for the delivery of requested services and to fulfill our contract with you. Not providing this data, or providing incorrect data, may prevent Stickito from rendering services and fulfilling the contract, potentially leading to service denial.
2. Compliance with Laws: The provision of personal data for compliance purposes is mandatory to adhere to legal obligations imposed on Stickito. This may involve storing and communicating your data to authorities to verify compliance with tax laws, customs regulations, or other legal obligations.
3. Security Purposes: Processing personal data for security purposes is based on Stickito’s interest in detecting and preventing illegal activities and securing data on the website and app.
4. Fraud Prevention Measures: Stickito’s processing of personal data for fraud prevention is based on its legitimate interest to detect and prevent fraudulent activities during purchase and payment processes, benefitting both Stickito and its users.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Your personal data will be accessible to Stickito’s personnel who are responsible for the website and app management. This data may also be shared with system administrators and third-party data processors working on Stickito’s behalf, such as order management companies, hosting providers, and payment processing services.
Stickito may share your data within its corporate group for administrative and accounting purposes. In certain instances, your data might be disclosed to third parties for operational services related to Stickito’s activities (like couriers, legal and financial advisors, and debt collection agencies).

International Data Transfer

Due to Stickito’s global presence, your personal data may be transferred to recipients in countries outside the EU or the European Economic Area. These transfers are carried out with appropriate safeguards like adequacy decisions, standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, or other deemed sufficient guarantees.

Data Retention

Stickito retains personal data processed for service provision and contractual obligations for a period necessary to fulfill these services and obligations. Additionally, data for compliance with legal obligations, security purposes, and fraud prevention checks are retained as per relevant legal requirements and Stickito’s legitimate interests.
The data used for soft spam will be retained until you opt out of such processing. Data for promotional activities and profiling will be updated periodically and retained until you withdraw your consent or for as long as necessary to protect Stickito’s interests.

Data Subject’s Rights

As a data subject, you have the right to access, rectify, delete, or restrict the processing of your personal data. You can also object to the processing based on legitimate interests, withdraw consent for specific processing activities, and request data portability. Stickito ensures mechanisms to facilitate these rights, such as email communication or user profile settings on their website.

Privacy Policy Updates

Stickito reserves the right to modify or update its Privacy Policy in response to legal changes. Users will be informed of such changes through the app, and they are encouraged to regularly review the policy for the latest version.