Who we are

Established as a company in the UK, the Philippines and Greece, Stickito was formed by a team of experienced licensing professionals, involved in the collectibles stickers and cards for kids and collectors. The founders share specialized experience since 1989.

To carry forward into the new era, Stickito now brings the digitization of the sticker/cards and other collections in the Blockchain, providing users and collectors with a double value of the Stickito assets: the value of collection and the value of the NFT.

Today, Stickito creates, produces and delivers through the kiosk market distribution channels, sticker albums, trading cards, metal tags and NFT collections, B2B for brands and B2C for the retail market.

From 2022, Stickito is an official agent in the category of collectible NFTS and stickers/cards for football clubs worldwide for the Sponsor.Online digital platform.

Stickito offices are registered in Athens (Greece), Merseyside (U.K.) and Manila (Philippines).